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This is Newman University’s Postgraduate blog for the Arts and Humanities created by Sophie Allen and Zoe Chadwick. We created this blog to provide students with a space to express their research and to provide a platform where we can share advice and resources to benefit postgraduate students.

If you are interested in writing for us please do get in touch. You can find us on twitter @NewmartsPG or contact us via email at newmarts@newman.ac.uk.

Postgraduate Representatives:



Sophie Allen is a first year MPhil/Ph.D. student at Newman University. Her research focuses on the relationship between psychiatry and Spiritualism in the late nineteenth century with a specific focus on the representations of the female mind and body.

Email: alle304@newman.ac.uk.

Twitter: @SophieAllen_






Zoe Chadwick is a second year Ph.D. student at Newman University. In her doctoral project, she is examining extreme, or non-normative, bodies as a manifestation of sexuality and madness in late-Victorian literature.                                                

Email: chad402@newman.ac.uk.

Twitter: @chadwick_zoe