About us

Welcome to Newmarts! This is Newman University’s Post-Graduate blog for the arts and humanities. Subscribe for regular updates on Newman post-grad news, the latest CFPs and for post-graduate articles on the arts and humanities. This blog and the Newmarts twitter account are hosted by Zoe Chadwick and Sophie Allen.

For general inquires please contact: newmarts@newman.ac.uk

Zoe Chadwick is a first year Ph.D. student at Newman University. In her doctoral project, she is examining extreme, or non-normative, bodies as a manifestation of sexuality and madness in late-Victorian literature.                                                  

Contact Zoe: chad402@newman.ac.uk.

Sophie Allen is a first year MPhil/Ph.D. student at Newman University. Her research focuses on the relationship between psychiatry and Spiritualism in the late nineteenth century with a specific focus on the representations of the female mind and body.

Contact Sophie: alle304@newman.ac.uk.

Newman University is located in Bartley Green close to central Birmingham. Newman’s mission is centered on the catholic values of tolerance and inclusion. Newman University has a research culture which focuses on promoting innovative and inter-disciplinary research which makes a difference to the world and contributes to the common good.